There you go, poetry.

Let me make this as... monosyllabic as possible.

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I’m having trouble deciding whether or not to keep this character. 

I shall make up my mind in weeks to come. :) 

Sorry guys. 

I am bad at making decisions. xD

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Hardy welcomes are owed

@Chickintheforest,bubblynpink,pinnedya,Ohyeahprincesstiana: Welcome aboard young princesses. I hope you find the ship and my crew to your liking. I’m sure there will be no tom foolery from the galley but if there is be sure to come to me! I’ll set them straighter then the mast of my sails. 

@Simbaofpriderock: Ah, a King. What a grace to my presence. 

@Cruella-de-vil: I regret to inform you that domestic animals, or non-domestic of any kind are prohibited from my decks and if I dare see one run about it’s simply going over board. 

@Jack-skellington: I quite like your outfit and finally someone that could match me in height and weight. But dare I ask, can you pull your weight around here?

@thegrinningcat: I will not have any of your madness on this ship chesire and if that is your plans—ah well, just stay out of my office and I’m sure you will be fine. 

Welcome everyone to the RLS Legacy. Mr. Arrow here will help you with your things.